How To Decide Between a Refi and Home Equity Line of Credit

How To Decide Between a Refi and Home Equity Line of Credit

Did you know that your home can be a great source of ready cash whenever an emergency arises? Two of the most common ways to cash out on your home are cash-out refinancing and home equity loans. Let’s look at the difference between the two to find out which is better for your situation.

A home equity loan provides cash in exchange for the equity you’ve built up in your property, while a cash-out refinance pays off your old mortgage in exchange for a new loan with a lower interest rate. Both can give homeowners much-needed cash based on home equity.

Cash-out is ideal if you need a significant amount of money and intend to stay in your home for at least a year. Home equity loans are best for owners who need access to cash over a while instead of getting a large amount upfront.

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